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Welcome to Vijeta Tour & Travels. Vijeta Tour & Travels is a leading travel company in Allahabad, Tourism plays a very vital role in the growth of any country. Indian tourism is growing at a very fast pace to compete with the standards set by the other countries. The number of tourists visiting India is increasing gradually daily. The reason for it is world class accommodation facilities and services from trained staff. India from ancient years was considered as an attraction point for researchers and businessmen but due to advanced technology, people are aware about the benefits of visiting India.
The industry of tour and travel is also growing rapidly due to the increasing number of tourists choosing India as a destination for their vacations. The travel companies are working offline and online both and providing packages for both Indian and foreigner tourists. Various packages are available depending on the preferences and budget of the tourists. Indians usually plan their vacations on weekends or holidays for a few days so travel companies plan these packages according to these limitations. Foreigners visit India for various purposes like for research, study, vacation, honeymoon, and some even for business purpose.
Before planning your visit, always book your tickets, accommodation in advance. So, travel agents are best to offer tourists these types of services. Always plan your travel with a travel agent. When you are traveling to a known location it is easy to enjoy but when traveling to a new place or destination, someone should be there with knowledge about geographical location which helps in making your trip joyful, safe and hassle free. Travel agents are experienced professionals who help in making travel remarkable and memorable experience in the tourist’s life. They take care of tourists’ tickets arrangements, accommodation facilities, destinations to be covered, and safety as well.


Points to be considered before selection of travel agents:

  • The experience of the agent plays a crucial factor which gives him an edge over the other. The agent should be experienced in planning the tour to any part of India.
  • The travel agent takes care of comfortable stay arrangements in the vacation location.
  • They plan the tour according to your schedule are flexible enough for any adjustments.
  • They have a huge client base throughout India.
  • Their assistance will enable you to visit beautiful places and different parts of the vacation location.
  • They offer packages according to the tourists whether they are a newlywed couple, avid traveler, and researcher.
  • Compare the prices of the packages offered by travel agencies and select the best one for you.
  • The services offered by these travel agents are of great assistance during the trip, planning and scheduling the vacations, arranging tickets and accommodation. These few but important things play a vital role in enjoyable and full filled vacations While traveling to India, plan according to temperature and climate of the part of the country you will be traveling. Climate of India varies a lot in Kashmir stated as the coldest place, South considered as hot and humid around the year. North experiences summers, winters, and heavy rainfall. People travel to India for various reasons like some visitors are in India for their research on the culture and archaeological background of the country. Newly wed couples choose beaches or hill station destinations in their packages. Family and couples are looking for peaceful and quiet places for relaxation with their loved ones.

    Travel agents also help in selecting the best medium of travel to different locations. The states of India are well connected with each other via roads, rails, and airplanes. Indian government is also focusing a lot on the smooth visit of the tourists to India. The tourists from different countries will get a memorable experience in India by visiting various states and cities with meeting people of different culture, religion, and languages. The Indian culture is so varied to understand but it will definitely fascinate them. The tour to India will include visit to historical museums, national parks, palaces and forts, forests, snow covered mountains, beaches and adventurous sports at the same time. The food of India is spicy so always ask the service people to provide food according to your taste but definitely try the different cuisines served in India in different states. The folk dance and colorful costumes of people of states like Rajasthan, Punjab, and Kerala will definitely attract the tourists. Visiting all these locations and states with the help of agents will surely help in understanding of the culture and traditions in detail. These agents know in detail about these vacation destinations so they will try to cover all important places to be visited by any tourist in a planned schedule only. The extra money other than your tour expenses spent on these agents’ fees will definitely be beneficial for the tourists.


    The Vision

    To make you Travel Dream a long-cherished sweet memory by assisting with peerless quality and matchless services


    Pure-in-action commitment to all the Travel needs, assured value-added services and close monitoring at every step, to ensure delightful Travel with absolute safety and personal touch .


    Honesty and transparency are two focal points, on which all our relationships with customers have been built upon year after year. At Vijeta Tour & Travels, a promise is a promise. Apart from quality, you are firmly assured of no hidden charges. Customer delight and maintenance of good will are much more foremost to us, than profits.

    Comfort & Safety

    With over four decades of service to our clients, Vijeta Tour & Travels has built an excellent reputation for flawless safety, total comfort, friendly approach and efficient services. Our attitude to the safety of our valued clients is uncompromising. We maintain the highest standards of reliability and safety, which our clients relish and would love to have.

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    Our Services are:

    • International/ domestic air ticketing
    • Railway Reservation
    • 24-hour Airlines Reservation Counter (Jet, Sahara & Indian Airlines)
    • Package tours all over India
    • Hotel reservations all over India
    • Airport transfers
    • Tailor-made tours for Individuals, Groups, Students, Corporate, Business tours
    • Car/ Coach Rentals (Budget & Luxury)

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